Hola!  As The Mixed Mujer I'd like to first thank you for visiting my site and second would like to give you a little 4-1-1 on me. Every story starts somewhere and mine began in Berlin, Germany before I made my way down to the great state of Tejas. I grew up in Killeen, Texas where the military influence of Fort Hood (literally Killeen's neighbor) became a small fraction of the foundation I built my world on. Having a military community meant there were people like me (bi-racial, mixed, multiracial) EVERYWHERE! This had its advantages because as a child I wasn't seen as "the other" or viewed as special or unique because I didn't look like my Mom or talked like my Dad. It wasn't until I moved out of that bubble which would happen during three significant periods of my life I experienced communities and a world that didn't understand interracial families, why I wasn't identifiably one specific culture, and internalized racism.

These experiences growing up took a large toll on how I viewed my identity and navigated my bi-racial cultures of Black/Mexican. I was able to learn how to speak, read, and  write Spanish from my Abuela who helped enrich my Mexican heritage from food, telenovelas, and language (After living together six years this would be a disservice had I not picked something up.) My teenage years in Killeen laid out the blueprint for my writing career, interests in identity and finding "a place to belong" after my first serious highschool relationship which was also interracial. All of these components and so much more are what has fuled my passion, desires, and interests in growing community with other bi-racial, mixed, multiracial people (I'll explain the difference in a blog post- no they are not all the same) and educating the public about a demographic I often refer to as "the minorities of minorities." 

The Mixed Mujer is a space that will not only invite you into my world living as a bi-racial millenial women going through the ups and downs of planning my career, singledom, and surviving life (the struggle is real). I also will be bringing you up close and personal with the gamechangers of diverse businesses, social media, activists who are out in the world building their brand. I want to shine a light on countless badass multicultural people who are changing the world. If you have an interest in learning about bi-racial, mixed, and multiracial people this is the site for you. In addition, I'll be celebrating diversity of all forms. I'll be bringing you enaging, diverse and fun content that will provide a much needed window into the fastest growing demographic in the world.



All photos on this site were taken by Anna Moritz who is currently studying at Columbia College Chicago