Nuff Said.

When I started writing for Elite Daily over a year ago, I never would have thought how much I would love it or what it would teach me about the publishing industry. As a contributing writer I get the opportunity to write whatever I want, but what gets selected for publication is out of my hands.

It's very rare anything personal I've written has gotten published becase Elite Daily likes more generalized writing that can cater to a wider audience. It's understandable. Personal experiences can be a singular or individual moment that doesn't always ripple to other people. For me, I've learned not to count on anything super personal I write to make it the main stage, but in the moment I write it, I just want it out of my system. In the few times it has, it has been an article I didn't think would get picked up or maybe I forgot I wrote. 

When something personal does get published or picked I go through this weird mix of feeling happy and scared. That fear comes from reliving those emotions and depending how close or near the timeframe was I wrote it- remembering how relevant it is to me now.


Today is one of those days. An article I wrote over a month ago got published and it's very personal. My feelings in it are raw and because the situation did not resolve itself it's like reopening a wound I've been trying to heal. So then you read this and think- you don't have to share it.


This is true. I don't have to share anything I publish. We are encouraged to share what we write via Elite Daily for readers/numbers, but we don't have to. I could publish an entire diary on Elite Daily and no one could see it via my own social media.

But I write. My motto has always been if one person out in the world can find some solace or comfort in my words...I've done my job. Stories matter. Words matter. Being able to relate to each other matters. It does to me. So yes, sharing really personal experience like my ex-boyfriend cheating on me is not fun to write or broadcast to millions of peope. Yes sharing that I don't understand being amicable post break-up isn't like taking a jog in the park...but I'm a writer. It's what I do.

All of this is leading to this article I'll be sharing with you that got published today. My stomach dropped seeing it get posted, but maybe someone else will find comfort in reading it. Maybe someone else has been through the same thing and understands where this comes from.