What I focus on during February..aka the month of amor

For some people February is just another month. If you're like most people with access to the internet or social media, it's unavoidable that February=Valentine's Day. This could ring terror into your heart, make you cringe, shrug it off, run to the nearest Wal-Mart because you forgot...or grab a bottle of wine.

Personally my attitude towards the holiday varies depending on what has gone on in my love life. Some years I hate it, others not so much. I haven't celebrated Valentine's with a partner since high school, which is okay. In college I just so happened to not be dating anyone around that season. I know, timing right? I had a boyfriend last year, but we were long distance and I ended up working that night in the restaurant I hostess at. This year I had hope for what Valentine's could bring, but as some of you may have read in my EliteDaily post...that didn't work out in my favor.

A few years ago, I decided to make Valentine's about making my best gal pals and family members the focus of my energy regardless of what could/could not be going on with me personally. My senior year of college I hosted a get-together at my apartment with mini bottles of liquor/condoms as party favors with nacho's and games for my amigas y hermanas. It was fun, silly, and gave those of us who didn't have a date, boyfriend, or just didn't care to celebrate the chance to enjoy each other's company.


There were some people who did have significant others or plans who stopped by anyway and I appreciated that. Since then I always made it my mission to let the people I love know that regardless of whatever is happening in their lives that I appreciate them, and recognize their greatness. Being in Chicago has made that even more vital and now I send cards, gifts, and little knick-knacks to my loved one's back home to let them know I'm supporting them even from afar.

It may sound cheesy. But a little goes a long way. I try to focus on my immediate family and close girlfriends with a card, enouraging words of inspiration, and a gift if I can afford it. My first year in Chicago me and my best friend both sent each other the same edible arrangement set without even trying (We're twins...but I'll get to that another time.)

So if you find yourself feeling lonely, disgruntled, or rolling your eyes at the endless amount of pictures, gifts, and trending topics that will inevitably flood your social media feed. Start a new tradition. Surrond yourself with people who make you laugh. Let your loved one's know you care. Give your mom a call. This day doesn't have to be a bitter reminder of your singledom or that it may be the most expensive overly-commercialized holiday ever. 

I'll spend today thankful for my great friends and family who I love with all my heart and place my energy into good people, great food, maybe a movie...maybe some moscato. Both could work as well.