Let's rewind the clocks...

So first and foremost I'll set a disclaimer now that I'm not a certified personal trainer. Everything I'll be sharing is only from my personal experience. I'm not guranteeing or endorsing that any products, exercises, or recipes I post on here are going to work for you. However; I can promise to always be honest and whether I'm reviewing, giving an opinion or suggestion if it works for you, great. We all have different body types and dietary needs and we all start somewhere in our fitness journeys....Here's where I started.




I told you I was going to be honest. We all know the truth isn't so pretty and I was as miserable as I look in the picture to the left. The picture on the right is a -20lb light version of me that has developed and grown with ALOT of hardwork, exercise, and healthy eating. As I go through sharing my fitness wins and woes through this blog I'll share with you exercises, products, tips, tricks, and everything in between that has assisted me in my journey to becoming fit. It's a love/hate relationship which pretty much sums up the first 21 years of my life, but when you grow up struggling with your weight and a preconceived notion of what your "supposed to look like" it makes the loving part of your relationship hard. 

I look forward to growing and getting stronger together and hearing your perspectives, tips, and tricks for your own fitness as well!