The Rocky to my Apollo

Boxing. I live for it. I don't know if it came from my Dad's Sunday movie marathons that would be half a day with Sylvester Stallone or my romantic notion that I could be this champion or warrior of the ring.

Regardless, I got into boxing late in life. Mi padres weren't too keen on having their eldest daughter being hit I was 21 the first time I lived out my dream and hit a bag at Krav Maga in San Antonio. Let me first say that a boxing class is not the same as boxing training, they both serve very different purposes. Partially because people who are just trying to get a good workout in, learn technique, release aggression, or to be honest...aren't training to be a fighter. Many people sign up for class at their local gym thinking their gonna get a few rounds throwing punches at someone...and that's not the case. 

For me, I love all of it. I've done different classes at different gyms with classes of five or twenty. In Chicago, I was fortunate to get to train one-on-one with a wonderful man who challenged me and my body in all the right ways for the maximum workout.

Most gyms have a try a class free sign up special, so I encourage you to work outside your comfort zone and box. It's not for everyone. Your experience depends on your expectations and who is teaching, but be open minded!