Me + Protein = Happiness

Me and Protein World have been lovers for about two years now. I discovered them on instagram and have not looked back since. Protein is great for building lean muscle, toning, meal replacement, gains (if you're into that) and helping with muscle recovery. When I started my weight loss journey four years ago- my trainer advised that I include protein as a meal replacement or snack and it kind of just stuck.

Finding the right protein is like finding a good partner. It takes a little patience, time, and series of trial and error. I won't call out the brands that didn't work for me, but can say I have tried over three different brands and Protein World which is based out of the UK is the most filling for me. I also like that they have variety and a tub usually last me a month with me consuming 1x shake a day. Always read the reviews. Do your homework and don't be afraid to try different brands. Not all protein taste the same.

Luckily for me I found a brand I can commit to and have tried other products I've added to my diet regime which I like for the most part.