Getting Back In The Ring


We've talked a bit about how I love boxing, but for the first time here in Chicago- I finally worked outside of my gym and went to a local boxing center in my neighborhood called Title Boxing Club. This place has been calling my name like a bad habit since I discovered it walking around a few months ago and I just could not commit to going to a FREE FIRST TIME class until this past Saturday.

I will say upfront I'm not a big group class person. I don't like being distracted by other people when I'm trying to work.I'm the same way when the gym is overly crowded, don't ask me why. It's probably why I don't advocate for having a gym buddy, I just like working on my own time and doing me. 

Anyway, this place was amazing from the moment I walked in. Clean, friendly staff, and the class-which my crazy self did for 75 min was all boxing technique focused with plyometrics(burpees, squats, etc.) interspered between. I'm writing you this half-crying from my dying forearms. The BEST THING- When I was done, no one pulled me aside trying to make me sign up for a membership.I was left to inquire on my own-which I did and am considering doing a month to month plan since my time in Chicago is limited. Not only was I happy with working outside of comfort zone- even if it is boxing which I love- I liked being outside of my gym and working out in a new enviroment. FREE CLASSES are the best classes.