What I Talk About, When I Talk About Waist Training

So Waist Trainers. You might be scratching your head wondering what I have to say about them. If you have paid attention to social media, the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj or any curvy celebrity with an hour glass figure you may have heard of these before. Below are three that I own. This is actually my second time purchasing my round of Waist Trainers- so I've had six total. 


I started Waist Training after seeing enough Kardashian promo via Instagram to try it out. I will say upfront my intent was not to lose weight. My relationship with my body though complicated and varied up until my early twenties does not respond to "fad diets" or "get rich quick" weight-loss schemes. It just doesn't. The misconception with Waist Trainers is that you wear them to lose weight or to have a quick "snapback" post pregnancy and voila- it's magic you look like a Kardashian. Wrong. Like any additional item to a fitness regime, Waist Training is a choice, not a nessecity, you'll be fine without it. I say this because while I have Waist Trained light/medium/heavy over the past year, I can and have lived days, weeks, months without using them and my body is just fine. 

You're probably more confused now. Desiree, if you're not using them to lose weight and you're clearly not an Instagram ad that t  endorses them, what are you talking about? Well. I use them a) to straighten my positure b) to target and flatten my tummy (which it does) c) enhance my curves. I wear it like a job 8-5. Take it off when I get home and toss it like my bra, onto the floor. They are not for everyone. I'm honest that I wear them because it's apart of my fitness and I feel like honesty is the key when talking about your body. There's no gimmicks or tricks. If you want to know more about them, I'll happily answer questions. I'll even let you rub me down (don't get any ideas) so you can feel the "armor" that is hidden underneath my shirt. I have used only one company and that is the brand the Kardashians use. It's not cheap. However; you get what you pay for, which is why I tell people not to buy cheap $30 ones. You want it to be durable and last. You want it to do work and benefit you.