The Your Hair Story Series is my blogging collaboration with Mixed Chicks Hair Products which gives their customers the opportunity to share their diverse stories behind their hair. If you've ever seen a bi-racial, mixed, multiracial person and commented how pretty their hair is, asked to touch it (or didn't and ran your hands through it-shame on you), how they get it curly etc.- I encourage you to check out the stories on the MixedChicks.Net site or via the Hair Story social media and read up on how those interactions influence bi-racial, mixed, multiracial beauty.

The beautiful and engaging users of these products whether it's men, women or children give powerful quotes and statements about their diverse heritage and culture today. It's a series I'm extremely happy to be apart of and excited to see grow as Mixed Chicks expands their international company and products. Having a beauty brand specifically catered for me, by people just like me has made a monumental impact on how I see all beauty companies whether its hair, make-up, adversisting, etc. 


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Mixed Chicks celebrates the story behind our customer's hair through the art of storytelling. Are you a Mixed Chicks user or interested in learning more about the products? Videography: Riv Cohen Music: SparxIsBac-Dante Peabody LogoDesign: TheWirx